Be the One that Brings the Salt

It’s that time of year when friends and neighbors gather for backyard cook-outs, block parties, cocktails on the deck, crawfish boils, clam bakes, armadillo races, and so many other excuses for celebrating spring. No matter what the occasion you should never show up empty handed. Read More

Cooking with Herbs

While I don’t need much of an excuse to make a fresh bowl of popcorn, I do love sharing this favorite snack with friends. It is inspired by spring’s abundance of fresh herbs, and conscious of the ever-growing desire for wholesome, yet satisfying snacks, this popcorn recipe is easy, fun and a family favorite. Read More
Rosemary Popcorn
Get Growing
with Hudson Weichsel
I bought my house for the backyard and the first thing I did was add a deck. Even though it’s technically outside, it’s my favorite room. It’s where I go to relax and reflect and where I entertain my family and friends. Read More

Garden-Inspired Products

These lines serve as the foundation of the Gardenuity experience. We built each product carefully. With each addition we asked ourselves three questions: does it fit the brand, would we want to use it, and would we recommend it to our friends and family. Learn More
Our Community Blog

Sweet Accessories This Spring for Your Favorite Tea

The accessory business is a multi-million dollar business worldwide and we all know accessories can change your wardrobe quickly. The same jeans and white shirt look totally different with bright pink shoes, an orange scarf and hoop earrings. ... Read More

Make Time for Tea with Gardenuitea!

Making time for tea is not only a good thing to do, it is also a healthy thing to do. It’s as good for your health as it is your mind. Finding time during the hectic holiday season is hard to do, but if you can find a way to carve out 20 minutes for... Read More

Gardenuity Aims to be the Mary Kay of Garden Goods

Gardenuity wants to be the Mary Kay of gardening. The Dallas-based company is using direct marketing, or social selling as it’s been rebranded, to sell gardening and garden-related products to consumers who may have never grown a plant before. Donna Spafford Letier, a company founder who lives near Turtle Creek, calls it “garden-inspired living.” “I... Read More
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