Burn Calories by Gardening

Most people know that gardening is great for the body and soul. Working outside in the fresh air while soaking in the sun’s vitamin D is a great way to stay invigorated and connected with nature. But did you know that gardening is actually a great form of exercise? Check out how many calories per Read More

Host an Event

Gardenuity hosts earn Gardenuity product credit and seasonal specials. Our hosts deserve roses and this season’s host exclusive will deliver years of joy and satisfaction. You can be sure you are sharing extraordinary exclusive products and the power of garden inspired choices. Our Gardenuity associates will work with you to ensure your event is a success! Learn More
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The Art of Gardening
with Craig Harmer
Spring is around the corner and whether you are new to gardening or an expert gardener half of the fun is getting your plans ready and anticipating the rewards you will reap when you sow your harvest. Think about what you want to grow, develop a plan and a placement for your garden. Container gardening Read More

Garden-Inspired Products

These lines serve as the foundation of the Gardenuity experience. We built each product carefully. With each addition we asked ourselves three questions: does it fit the brand, would we want to use it, and would we recommend it to our friends and family. As the product categories were finalized, and the product selections confirmed, Learn More
Our Community Blog

Kale Try it, Kenny liked it!

Kids grow up with the command to eat their vegetables at dinner and are told to abstain from eating too much sugar in order to maintain good health. Of course, something about being told by our parents to do something makes us want to do the opposite. Plenty of people grow up to enjoy eating... Read More

Think Kale

With obesity rates rising throughout the United States, healthy initiative efforts have been lagging behind. Fast food chains have polluted every single city and have tempted with cheap dollar menus and quick service. What people don’t realize, however, is the simplicity and cheap cost of growing one’s own fresh vegetables. While this process takes longer,... Read More
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